A social experience of collecting and creating.

By using MoodCatch, you will be enabled to create and share spatial collages and pinboards from impressions throughout your life. Every detail in your view can be gathered by simply framing it with the magic leap’s controller. These impression build up the personal collection of every user and represent the foundation of the spatial pinboards.

Take impressions from your collection and combine them around you. Define your style with life-sized fashion pieces or enhance your architectural model with the real world surroundings. Build your creative space or take it with you in its entirety...

Catching an impression (concept)

Impressions are two-dimensional holograms that can be placed and combined in three dimensions around the user. By tracing around the desired subject, the camera of the Magic Leap will take a picture that is masked according to the path of the controller. A unique style is generated by these masks. That combined with other impressions and different brushes defines a joint design.

Creating a collage (concept)

Collages are made from these impressions. The users combine multiple Impressions by resizing, placing and remasking to create spatial collages around them or in miniature. They can take their collages wherever they go and share them with other users in person or via the internet.

Outside view of our prototype for the microsoft hololens (Prototype)

Tap gesture was used to catch impressions due to lack of hand tracking
with the Hololens (prototype)

Movement of impressions inside the prototype (prototype)

While studying we produced a prototype using the Microsoft Hololens. We wanted to cross borders between different media. By using the camera it becomes irrelevant whether the captured impression is in the real world or on a screen. There is no more printing and no complicated data transfer between different platforms. This way we can easily work out ideas and define the space around us.

View from inside the Microsoft Hololens, while creating a collage (prototype)

Award ceremony of the Giebichenstein Design Grand Prize

Since winning a design prize from our university we were able to exhibit the prototype and test it with about two hundred people. Most of them immediately dreamed of what they would use MoodCatch for. We are fully aware that this was not a large market analysis but we already received very valuable feedback.

Exhibition and testing of the prototype

It was a semester project and the limited hardware of the Hololens made handling lots of pictures very difficult. Also the Hololens has no hand tracking. That was kind of a bummer because we already worked quite some time with the Leap Motion and VR Headsets. Now with the superior hardware of the Magic Leap, the corresponding controller and the funding we could start making a product from our prototype.
A social experience of collecting and creating.

We would highly appreciate to get the opportunity to create a great experience for the Magic Leap platform.